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Back in 2005, my daughter went away to college and as a single parent, I experienced an EMPTY NEST.  I had already had in my mind that I would learn how to crochet as my neighbor, Wendy did 24/7.  She told me that it relaxed her and that it put her in a peaceful state of mind.  Well she had me at relaxed!  I actually learned how to crochet from Freida, another neighbor, but had fill in lessons from Wendy and I was so addicted.  For years I tried to crochet squares, square blankets, square potholders, square ANYTHING!  I gave up and just continued to create in a circle hence,
Circle of Love Blankets. 

What makes Circle of Love Collections unique is that every item is made with double yarn to create even more warmth. 

My family and friends for years told me to that I should create a business and sell them.  I just enjoyed giving them away as gifts.  So here we are, 10 years later, during COVID, with much time on my hands and my business soul...between the encouragement from my husband and a very good friend, I decided to take my Circle of Love Blankets on the road.  Everyone that comes to my home and sees the blankets, are always very taken aback with them and just love the concept. 
Thank you to my family and friends that have encouraged me to move forward.  


I invite you to share the love and enjoy everything 

Circle of Love Collections has to offer.   

Custom items are available